The Best Food Trucks In Melbourne

Melbourne has always had a vibrant outside dining scene based around food trucks and vans. What with food festivals, fetes, footy games, farmer’s markets and more, there has always been a lot of choice on offer. 2020 and the whole COVID lockdown thing has spun this to a whole new level, with a local food truck within a 5km radius being an opportunity to go for a walk and get some delicious high-quality food at the same time.

Just because those tiny spaces are crammed full of cookers, coffee machines etc, with the ubiquitous portable generator humming away somewhere out behind all the activity, doesn’t mean the food on offer isn’t top-notch – because it invariably is. But like all things, some options are better than others. Here you will find the best options for freshly cooked restaurant quality trich and van street food fare, regardless of what you like to get your laughing gear around.

So be it a preference of a freshly made burger with local ground beef and melted cheese, or a Bratwurst with sauerkraut and other delicious odds and ends like caramelised onion and mustard, or a traditional wood-fired pizza with prosciutto, rocket, and Mozzarella, you will have it covered. And that doesn’t even cover dessert.

Speaking of dessert, how about some freshly churned homemade ice cream or some Gelato artisan style. Of course, there’s always the hot jam donuts for the traditionalists amongst us. Yes, the options are endless. There really is a cornucopia of options available when it comes to food trucks, top quality food options and Melbourne. So without further ado, here are some of the best.

Ghost Kitchen (Twitter @GhostKitchen)

If you are feeling like a Taiwanese inspired breakfast then this street food van is the go. It’s like a roti (but flakier) with an egg on top all cooked together, you’ll get the idea.

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